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Working for a Just, Compassionate, and Vibrant Community

A Vision & Mission for Greenville

For four generations, the Jolley Foundation has worked to make Greenville County a place where all residents can thrive. We focus on continuous learning: our own, and that of the organizations with which we partner. We are risk-takers when the potential for positive social change is great. And we are committed to the conviction that poverty and discrimination can and must be tackled head-on.

What We Do

We use all our forms of capital — social, moral, intellectual, reputational, and financial — to combat the systems and social structures that strive to perpetuate social, economic, and cultural inequity.

Our Partners

We want to work with organizations that also are driven by hope and a demonstrated commitment to learning as the key to progress.
Nonprofit organizations are on the front lines of our community's response. Join us in urging Governor McMaster to provide Covid-19 relief to nonprofits.Learn more about how the Jolley Foundation is responding to the Covid-19 crisis.
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